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Patients who have been on treatment for 31 days or more and need additional assistance to ensure compliance is met within the first 90 days of treatment are considered existing patients.

  • Review chart and consult w/provider on goals 

  • Communicate with patient to seek out complication vs self-responsibility

    • Educate by giving tips and goals to meet nightly

    • Communicate with provider’s office and patient if a mask fitting is warranted

      • Remind patient of mask fitting appointment

      • Check algorithms and contact patient first, third and fifth night after mask fitting

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  • Document findings and plan of action for provider 

  • Check usage and contact patient weekly for 30 days 

    • Communicate with provider if the patient is accepting responsibility or if the patient is denying any responsibility 

    • Contact patient with encouragement, listening to and challenges and educate pt 

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  • Day 61 ensure compliance follow up has been scheduled 

    • Contact provider’s office to confirm appointment date

    • Remind patient of compliance appointment

  • Check patient usage biweekly for the first two weeks

    • Inform provider if there are negative findings and advise if an appointment should be scheduled earlier before the compliance appointment deadline to allow more of an opportunity of correction

    • Contact patient with findings and educate or praise

Annual Check-up
  • Contact patient two days before the appointment

    • Notify patient importance of adherence of appointment

    • Educate patient on personal goal and requirements from insurance company 

  • Follow up with provider and patient after compliance follow up appointment

    • Send congratulatory email on meeting compliance 

    • Encourage six month follow up with provider to ensure progress and a healthier lifestyle

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If after 90 days, the patient has not taken any action to ensure he/she is successful, Rested Care Management will advise the patient to make a follow up appointment. We will also end contact with the patient and provide documentation to the provider.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us to discuss contract rates.

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