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Doctor's Appointment



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  • Contact patient to give expectations and educate on what to expect from ordered sleep study 

  • Call patient with results, explanation, and next steps

  • Follow up to ensure the patient has picked up CPAP supplies

    • Contact patient first, the third and fifth night of usage for concerns and encouragement

    • Remind the patient of rapid follow up appointment with provider

    • Email and/or document 1st week findings and concerns to assist provider with what to address at rapid follow up appointment

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  • Review patient’s usage through provider’s software 

    • Contact patient once a week for one month with useful tips, listen to concern, and praise patient for usage

    • Month two review patient’s usage once a week every two weeks to check progress and encourage patient 

    • Month three review patient’s usage first week of the month, ensure patient has made compliance follow up appointment with provider, check usage two weeks later, and follow up with provider and patient after compliance follow up

      • Send patient congratulatory email on meeting compliance 

      • Encourage patient to make a six month follow up with provider to ensure usage continues and our patient can live a healthier lifestyle

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At any point, if a patient does not appear to be compliant within the first thirty days of usage, Rested Care Management will notify the provider, increase the once a week call to twice a week calls, educate patient of benefit and inform patient of insurance pros and cons.

If patient is still not compliant after month two, Rested Care Management will notify the provider’s office to contact patient for an office visit with provider and Rested Care Management will continue to contact the patient twice a week for duration throughout third month and provide documentation to provider. 

After the third month and patient has not taken any action to ensure he/she is interested in their own success, Rested Care Management will end contact with patient and provide documentation to provider.

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